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Solid Results From The “Wealthy Affiliate” Program

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How Specific Should Your Niche Be?

A lot of internet marketers believe they can market everything to everyone and be successful.

Unfortunately this does not work.

It is infinitely more difficult to make yourself a name as an authority in the wide world of internet marketing when you try and cover such a vast market. Rather become an expert in a specific category of internet marketing and concentrate building your audience in your area of expertise.

You may not currently be an expert, but it you take the time to thoroughly research your chosen category it will be a lot easier to target your desired audience with a lot more authority than trying to sell everything to everyone.

Work on your research to find narrow sections to concentrate on. For instance, if your chosen area of expertise is going to be on “weight loss” and you search these keywords you will see that there are about 228 million searches for this subject. Can you imagine trying to get to the top of the rankings and sell products when you are competing with so many others?

The words “weight loss advice” brings about 66 million searches. Better but still high. The search for “weight loss exercise advice” gets down to around 28 million searches. It’s getting better. Now “weight loss workout advice” reveals just over 5 million searches! Wow that’s a huge improvement on the original “weight loss” search. It’s related but it’s becoming much specific and targeted.

This is the sort of thorough research you need to do until you can give yourself a much better chance of reaching a specific audience within your chosen niche.
And it didn’t cost you any money! It just took a little time on your part to find the right niche to target.

You now need to research this smaller niche and give your targeted audience specific information and also make sure that any products or services you offer are very specific as well.

Make absolutely certain that whatever you offer is going to help solve their problem!

That’s the real strength of niche marketing

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Niche Marketing Advice

Internet marketing is becoming more and more specialized. These days trying to sell a raft of products online is becoming less and less of an option, and the need to become more specific and targeted is a far better way to engage with your audience.

This is the concept of “Niche Marketing”.

The successful niche marketer is an “authority” or at least is perceived to be an authority in a very specific field.. It can be product based, service based or even information based, but it MUST be in a small, defined market. It’s no good trying to be an authority for instance in “Internet Marketing” or “Golf” or “Computers” as those fields cover such a broad spectrum. Far better to choose a very tight niche in these areas such as, “Advice on PPC Advertising” or “Review of the Top Performing Hybrids” or “Should I Buy a Tablet or a Desktop”.

In these examples it becomes so much easier to target your desired audience, choose highly targets keywords specific to your niche, and to become more of an authority on that chosen niche.

It is far easier to research a small niche in a market than to try and become an authority on everything. Offer reviews of different products or services within your niche, recommending the best ones “in your opinion” based on quality, price, availability, references etc. so your audience can see that you really know what you are talking about and gain confidence in your ability.

If you feel that you are not an expert in any particular field look at the thousands of “How to…..” searches that are done on the internet on a daily basis. You will surely find one that interest you and one that you can further research and find specific products or services that will compliment that small niche. Find articles, reviews, videos, whatever you can to promote and show your audience what they are looking for in one place.

Build your website around this niche, using highly targeted keywords in your articles or posts. Offer your audience free reports that will help them with their needs, give them options to purchase specific products within your niche, give your audience an opportunity to subscribe to your site in order for them to receive further information and in no time you will be building a successful, profitable niche marketing business.

Niche Marketing Thoughts

Why is it that almost seventy percent of online startup ventures are not able to make any profit, and are eventually doomed to failure?

It is due to the failure to adopt a successful and profitable niche marketing model. First of all, we need to understand what niche marketing actually is, and what is required to adopt this model in a modern business startup.

What is niche marketing?

Any business marketing model, which is designed to target a specific category of people, or a specific product or service, can be identified as niche marketing.

Why do so many business startups result in failure?

The most common mistake is that many of the new online businesses ventures try to promote too many differing products or services in an attempt to capture what they think will be more sales and therefore profit by giving their audience more choices.

This may have worked in the early days of internet marketing but online buyers have become increasingly more targeted about what they require and more and more are searching for very specific items or services to satisfy their requirements. And it is the job of the niche marketer to research and develop a plan to capture this target audience to a very specific product or service in order to be successful.

The need to fully understand your audiences’ requirements is vital so that you don’t waste your time, energy or more importantly your resources promoting your offer to the wrong people. Remember, niche marketing is not about selling a product or a service.

It’s all about solving someone’s problem or need!

To become a successful niche marketer there are a number of points that your business model needs to contain.

1. Authority. You absolutely want your audience to believe that you know what you are talking about. Wherever possible you must choose a niche that you are familiar with and one that you can write about with authority. It could be a hobby that you are passionate about, something that you have been doing for a long time (experience) or at least a product or service or information that you have researched thoroughly.

A biography of your achievements in your particular niche and testimonials from satisfied clients will give your audience confidence and once you get that your marketing will become a lot easier.

2. Meet or exceed your customers’ needs. Make sure your benefits have special appeal to your market niche. Provide new and compelling information or product to your audience. Tailor your product or service to exactly meet or exceed your customers’ needs. Variations can be offered but it’s important to give your audience your honest opinion to which is the most suitable for their particular needs. This again will demonstrate authority on your part.

3. Test Your Market Opposition. Conduct an analysis of your opposition by checking out their websites, find out how they differ from yours, like their unique selling proposition, price etc. See if you can modify your offer to better that of your opposition. Once on their website, right click on it and choose “view page source”. You will get the full coding for their site and if you’re lucky you will find all the keywords that they are using for their searches. Any advantage that you can gain will be priceless!

Now hit your niche market with confidence!

You’re Never Too Old To Start A Business

Another great article I found at Richmond


QUESTION: I recently retired, am not a very good golfer, and not sure where to volunteer my time. Perhaps I should start a small business. Am I asking for trouble?

ANSWER: You have reached another milestone in life. Retirement is a major lifestyle change.

You no longer have to punch a time clock, and no one is coming to you for advice and counsel. You have time on your hands and no idea how to spend it.

At this juncture, I can’t resist putting in a plug for SCORE, a national organization of volunteer business counselors. If you want to help young entrepreneurs and share the knowledge you have attained over your long career, consider becoming a SCORE volunteer.

As far as you starting a business, you are never too old.

For instance, Mary Kay Ash founded Mary Kay Cosmetics in her mid-40s.
And J. Harwood Cochran, who founded Richmond-based Overnite Transportation Co. in 1935 and built a trucking empire before he sold it in 1986, went on to start Highway Express Inc. trucking company at age 79 in 1991 and sold it in 2003.

Regardless of age, you start by developing a written business plan.

Pick something you have both background and passion about. Ideally it will fill an under served niche that has little competition.

A major consideration is finance. You are at a point in life where you no longer generate a paycheck.

In addition to business startup costs, you will require enough working capital to pay the monthly bills until you reach break-even (income versus outgo), usually six to nine months.

The value of a business plan is that it enables you to assess your strengths and weaknesses. It makes you focus on all the elements of running a business.

You will find you must wear many hats, some of which you are ill-suited. Do you muddle through or consider a partner who contributes in those areas you are least competent?

Do yourself a favor before you spend a dime: Develop a business plan.

Gray Poehler is a volunteer with the Richmond Chapter of SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business. To ask a question or request free and confidential business counseling, go to A counselor will respond. Select questions and answers will be featured in Metro Business. To learn more about management issues facing small business and SCORE’s workshops, go to the website or call (804) 350-3569.

Create Wealth by Marketing Harder in a Recession

Article By Ken Nickless

When a recession or hard times hit it is a natural trait to become more conservative and try to save money by cutting out the things which are not deemed to be necessary. However during recessionary periods it is the entrepreneurs who tend to prosper because they see this as a period of time in which to exploit niches and markets which are being discarded by those who prefer to ‘wait and see’ what the market is going to do. The problem is that by the time they have ‘waited and seen’ they have missed the boat in being able to create extra wealth by not aggressively marketing their products or services.

There is an old saying that you have to ‘Speculate to Accumulate’ and it is even more relevant during harder times.

People still have to eat, they still need to buy at least some clothes, shoes, household essentials, insurances, vehicles, and they always buy plenty more stuff over the festive season and holiday periods. If they feel that they are too overweight they will still buy weight loss products. Many will still take out loans, either to improve their homes rather than moving, or let’s face it, just to enable them to get through the difficult times. And the list goes on and on. But above all these purchasers are looking for bargains!

So why not give them what they want?

The internet is crammed full of products, services and ideas which people still need, so it is just a case of selecting the right ones and aggressively marketing them in order to achieve two things:

1. Have a happy customer who believes that have got excellent value for money.

2. To provide you with a means to create extra wealth.

Won’t this cost me too much money to promote?

Look at the facts.

Put $500 into your savings account. If you are lucky and get 3% interest you have made 15 bucks in a year. Total $515.

Yeah right!

Spend $500 advertising a product through pay per click on the internet. For example let us say that the product you choose returns $25 in commission per sale. And let us take a pretty poor scenario that you only make one sale for every 150 clicks on your advertisement.

To break even you would have to pay $0.16 for your keywords cost per click. Anything below that and you are in profit. If you get your keyword costs down to say $0.12 then it will cost you $18 to make $25. That is a $7 profit. This might not sound as if you are going to become an overnight millionaire but look at the return, 39% on your investment! And remember you have already go your investment of $18 back. And this could have all taken place within a couple of days. Not a year. Get the point?

Sell one product a day and you are in profit by $2555 for the year. At virtually no cost to you. You just keep reinvesting what you make to make more.

‘Speculate to Accumulate’!

Move on to other products and rinse and repeat your successes. Find products that will give you $30 to $40 commissions, there are thousands of them out there in the marketplace. Find ways to get better click through rates. Look at how your competition advertises the product and learn from them. Once you start to make profits reinvest a portion of it into the sorts of tools that will give you an edge on this competition.

Subscribe to internet forums and learn how to improve your copy-writing skills or find which search engines give you a cheaper pay per click price. Above all, do not believe that a recession means that you cannot create more wealth for yourself. Do it carefully, research your products and their acceptance by the market, select your keywords to match the product and its unique advantages, write sales copy that grabs the buyers attention and gives them a definite call to action, test and re-test to get the best from your campaigns, and go for it!

Recession, what recession?

Speculate to Accumulate.

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Ken Nickless is a 72 years old retired businessman and entrepreneur now living in Brisbane Australia. Having spent over forty years in the manufacturing arena specializing in MIS systems introduction, Quality Control implementation and Operations Management Ken now spends his time with website development and internet marketing. In his spare time Ken enjoys golf and spending more time with family and friends.
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PPC Advertising For Regular Income

Article By Ken Nickless

Pay per click advertising or PPC which is also known as investment in text ads offers your business more visibility through the use of search engines. These text ads are linked with the web user’s needs via the search engines and so, pay per click advertising would surely help you get a hold on your business. Moreover, PPC is a paid advertising and would generally cost you less then posting your ads anywhere.

Although pay per click advertising is really helpful in your business, managing one would not be that easy. In managing pay per click advertising, you should always be aware of some things such as the customer’s needs and priorities, and extensive key word monitoring. You should also be creative in managing one to make it more appealing to people. But if you are doubtful on your skills in managing PPC, you could always opt to hire PPC experts to make it more feasible and to have better market return. it is also advisable to hire PPC experts who are at the same time seasoned specialist, who are responsible for optimizing your marketing campaign in the internet, and also analysts, who analyzes the probable impact of your marketing campaign to other industries.

However,if you still think that are you are not competent enough in just hiring a PPC expert, then, you could opt to do outsourcing. Where will you outsource to gain more profits? It is said that if you outsource from web marketing companies who already have an established PPC practice, then, you’ll have greater profits and would cost you less than hiring a PPC expert. In this way, you’ll earn more while paying less.

Now that you know some things in managing pay per click advertisement, we now go to its advantages. What benefits will one get from using PPC advertisement? First of all, it costs less than the traditional advertising methods. In PPC advertisement, you only have to pay for the advertisement when someone clicks it, but if no one does, then you don’t really have to pay anything. Moreover, with PPC advertisement, you could regulate the visitors only to those who are only interested in it by using very product relevant word in your ad.

Another advantage that PPC advertisement does is that it makes your products or sites more exposed even if it is not clicked via the search engines. Also, when your specified budget is reached, your link would no longer appear in the search results so that you don’t have to pay excess payments.

Pay per click is indeed an effective tool for advertising and marketing. It would not only make your product popular and more exposed but it would also cost you less than others. So, if you want to bring your product or site into exposure, choose PPC and let your future costumers be one click away from you.

Ken Nickless is a 72 years old retired businessman and entrepreneur now living in Brisbane, Australia. Having spent over forty years in the manufacturing arena specializing in MIS systems introduction, Quality Control implementation and Operations Management. Ken now spends his time with website development and internet marketing. In his spare time Ken enjoys golf and spending more time with family and friends.
Wealth Marketing
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SEO To Improve Your Site Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method used for increasing the volume and quantity of traffic from the search engines to a website.
It is done by utilizing tools and well documented SEO practises to improve the site ranking in the results which show on the various search engine pages. With these SEO techniques, it is possible to get your website onto the first page of the resulting pages ensuring that your site generates greater public awareness, greatly improving the regular flow of visitors, which in turn will lead to better income opportunities.

With so much competition in internet-based businesses, it is vital to improve your SEO ranking. You should always be one-step ahead to your competitors, who like you, will be working on their search engine optimization to gain higher positions on search engine pages.

Most internet surfers will usually only look at the first two or three pages of a search engine to find the information they are looking for, and for this reason it’s extremely important to ensure that your website is properly optimized.

In order to improve your site ranking, you must strategically develop your search engine placements.If you’re not able to do this yourself there are search engine optimization experts readily available who will help to get your site ranked as highly as possible, but this can be quite costly.

You can also work closely with other sites so that you can have access to link exchanges and page transfers. The more inbound and outbound links you get, (especially those with high page rankings) the better the chances of improving your own websites position within the search engine pages.

New Online Stronghold

A very Interesting Article from

News: 21st August 2015
Northern England: the new online start-up ‘stronghold’?

Manchester has taken the crown of the UK’s biggest online small business hotspot, with London surprisingly left trailing behind in 26th place.

That’s according to a recent study of Britain’s most active web regions for ambitious small firms, carried out by eBay, which placed Lancashire and West Yorkshire firmly at the top of the UK’s web start-up tree.

eBay’s business ‘Digital Density’ ranking is calculated on the volume of small online retail businesses operating in a region and their sales, as a proportion of the local population.

Although there are more solely-online businesses operating in London, other areas of the country are showing signs of more concentrated hotspots for these kinds of start-up businesses.

An eBay spokesperson said he anticipated northern cities to enjoy an even greater stronghold on online start-ups in the future.

“Our research shows that technology is opening up tremendous opportunities for small businesses across the UK, with digital clusters spread across the country, particularly in the North West.

“The region has a proud history as an industrial powerhouse – but today it’s economic potential is intertwined with tech rather than textiles.

“Our technology is now breaking down barriers to global markets by allowing small businesses access to products and services that were once the preserve of large firms, such as smart shipping, international payments and translation.

“The North West, and Greater Manchester in particular, is well placed to capitalise on this with its successful universities, famous football teams and legendary culture, making an attractive proposition for budding entrepreneurs who might otherwise have been tempted by London.

“This, combined with improved infrastructure across the north, means that we may well be witnessing the birth of a new stronghold for start-ups.”

John Allan, national chairman, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), believes small businesses are becoming increasingly durable and confidence appears to be returning to pre-recession levels.

“We welcome the emergence of digital hubs in the North West,” said Allan.

“Small business confidence is high across many areas of the UK and companies are in a robust mood.”

Mr Allan attributed the growth of northern digital hotspots to improved access to finance, additional investment in digital infrastructure and the cheaper running costs in comparison with the capital

Keep Your Visitors Coming Back For More!

A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account for a major part of their traffic. Returning visitors are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often they return to a site, the more trust they have in that site. The credibility issue just melts away. Hence, keep your visitors coming back to your site with the following methods:

1) Start a forum,  chat room or shout box

When you start a forum, chat room or shout box, you are providing your visitors a place to voice their opinions and interact with their peers — all of them are visitors of your site. As conversations build up, a sense of community will also follow and your visitors will come back to your site almost religiously every day.

2) Start a web log (blog)

Keep an online journal, or more commonly known as a blog, on your site and keep it updated with latest news about yourself. Human beings are curious creatures and they will keep their eyes glued to the monitor if you post fresh news frequently. You will also build up your credibility as you are proving to them that there is also a real life person behind the website.

3) Carry out polls or surveys

Polls and surveys are other forms of interaction that you should definitely consider adding to your site. They provide a quick way for visitors to voice their opinions and to get involved in your website. Be sure to publish polls or surveys that are strongly relevant to the target market of your website to keep them interested to find out about the results.

4) Hold puzzles, quizzes and games

Just imagine how many office workers procrastinate at work every day, and you will be able to gauge how many people will keep visiting your site if you provide a very interesting or addicting way of entertainment. You can also hold competitions to award the high score winner to keep people trying continuously to earn the prize.

5) Update frequently with fresh content

Update your site frequently with fresh content so that every time your visitors come back, they will have something to read on your site. This is the most widely known and most effective method of attracting returning visitors, but this is also the least carried out one because of the laziness of webmasters. No one will want to browse a site that looks the same over ten years, so keep your site updated with fresh bites!