Create Wealth by Marketing Harder in a Recession

Article By Ken Nickless

When a recession or hard times hit it is a natural trait to become more conservative and try to save money by cutting out the things which are not deemed to be necessary. However during recessionary periods it is the entrepreneurs who tend to prosper because they see this as a period of time in which to exploit niches and markets which are being discarded by those who prefer to ‘wait and see’ what the market is going to do. The problem is that by the time they have ‘waited and seen’ they have missed the boat in being able to create extra wealth by not aggressively marketing their products or services.

There is an old saying that you have to ‘Speculate to Accumulate’ and it is even more relevant during harder times.

People still have to eat, they still need to buy at least some clothes, shoes, household essentials, insurances, vehicles, and they always buy plenty more stuff over the festive season and holiday periods. If they feel that they are too overweight they will still buy weight loss products. Many will still take out loans, either to improve their homes rather than moving, or let’s face it, just to enable them to get through the difficult times. And the list goes on and on. But above all these purchasers are looking for bargains!

So why not give them what they want?

The internet is crammed full of products, services and ideas which people still need, so it is just a case of selecting the right ones and aggressively marketing them in order to achieve two things:

1. Have a happy customer who believes that have got excellent value for money.

2. To provide you with a means to create extra wealth.

Won’t this cost me too much money to promote?

Look at the facts.

Put $500 into your savings account. If you are lucky and get 3% interest you have made 15 bucks in a year. Total $515.

Yeah right!

Spend $500 advertising a product through pay per click on the internet. For example let us say that the product you choose returns $25 in commission per sale. And let us take a pretty poor scenario that you only make one sale for every 150 clicks on your advertisement.

To break even you would have to pay $0.16 for your keywords cost per click. Anything below that and you are in profit. If you get your keyword costs down to say $0.12 then it will cost you $18 to make $25. That is a $7 profit. This might not sound as if you are going to become an overnight millionaire but look at the return, 39% on your investment! And remember you have already go your investment of $18 back. And this could have all taken place within a couple of days. Not a year. Get the point?

Sell one product a day and you are in profit by $2555 for the year. At virtually no cost to you. You just keep reinvesting what you make to make more.

‘Speculate to Accumulate’!

Move on to other products and rinse and repeat your successes. Find products that will give you $30 to $40 commissions, there are thousands of them out there in the marketplace. Find ways to get better click through rates. Look at how your competition advertises the product and learn from them. Once you start to make profits reinvest a portion of it into the sorts of tools that will give you an edge on this competition.

Subscribe to internet forums and learn how to improve your copy-writing skills or find which search engines give you a cheaper pay per click price. Above all, do not believe that a recession means that you cannot create more wealth for yourself. Do it carefully, research your products and their acceptance by the market, select your keywords to match the product and its unique advantages, write sales copy that grabs the buyers attention and gives them a definite call to action, test and re-test to get the best from your campaigns, and go for it!

Recession, what recession?

Speculate to Accumulate.

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Ken Nickless is a 72 years old retired businessman and entrepreneur now living in Brisbane Australia. Having spent over forty years in the manufacturing arena specializing in MIS systems introduction, Quality Control implementation and Operations Management Ken now spends his time with website development and internet marketing. In his spare time Ken enjoys golf and spending more time with family and friends.
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2 thoughts on “Create Wealth by Marketing Harder in a Recession

  1. It’s quite interesting that I am reading this article now as I was just complaining the other day that you can’t do much in such times of recession. Well, from what you said I can understand that this is just fear talking and I need to start doing something. I like your idea of making $25 for every $18 spent; where do I sign :)? Can you give me more details about what I need to do to start advertising products and get a commission? Any help on how to get from where I am to profitable niche marketing is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Aurora and thanks for your interest. A good starting point would be to set up an advertising account with Bing ads. They are currently offering a $100 coupon to add to your starting account which is a great way to test the waters at their expense.They have a lot of online information about setting up PPC (pay per click ) campaigns to promote your products so give this pone a try. Good attention grabbing ads and thorough keyword research will give you the best chance of converting your site to become a profitable niche marketing site. Hope this information helps. Good luck!

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