How Specific Should Your Niche Be?

A lot of internet marketers believe they can market everything to everyone and be successful.

Unfortunately this does not work.

It is infinitely more difficult to make yourself a name as an authority in the wide world of internet marketing when you try and cover such a vast market. Rather become an expert in a specific category of internet marketing and concentrate building your audience in your area of expertise.

You may not currently be an expert, but it you take the time to thoroughly research your chosen category it will be a lot easier to target your desired audience with a lot more authority than trying to sell everything to everyone.

Work on your research to find narrow sections to concentrate on. For instance, if your chosen area of expertise is going to be on “weight loss” and you search these keywords you will see that there are about 228 million searches for this subject. Can you imagine trying to get to the top of the rankings and sell products when you are competing with so many others?

The words “weight loss advice” brings about 66 million searches. Better but still high. The search for “weight loss exercise advice” gets down to around 28 million searches. It’s getting better. Now “weight loss workout advice” reveals just over 5 million searches! Wow that’s a huge improvement on the original “weight loss” search. It’s related but it’s becoming much specific and targeted.

This is the sort of thorough research you need to do until you can give yourself a much better chance of reaching a specific audience within your chosen niche.
And it didn’t cost you any money! It just took a little time on your part to find the right niche to target.

You now need to research this smaller niche and give your targeted audience specific information and also make sure that any products or services you offer are very specific as well.

Make absolutely certain that whatever you offer is going to help solve their problem!

That’s the real strength of niche marketing

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2 thoughts on “How Specific Should Your Niche Be?

  1. I am just getting into niche marketing and I need all the help I can get to go from zero to profitable niche marketing. I heard about this from a friend that is making serious money with it. He doesn’t have the time to teach me what he knows but he said I can start by reading around about niche marketing. I’ve just found your site and all your articles are very helpful and straightforward which I love. I also found that program you are using and I will give it a go, maybe it will help me start on this path.

    1. Hi Daniel and thanks very much for your comments indeed the road to profitable niche marketing can certainly be achieved using The Wealthy Affiliate Program. Having been marketing online now since 2007 I have personally found this to be the best online training program available online so far. Added to the fact that this program has been around since 2005 I believe it’s the best testimonial to a great program that has stood the test of time and gets stronger day to day. I thoroughly recommend it and the very best of luck finding your profitable niche marketing success!

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