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Dig Deep For Profitable Niche Keywords

Getting the right keywords for your niche website is critical.

A basic keyword search will give you just that. Basic keywords that most people use. And if they are being used by the majority of people the chances of your site getting recognized become significantly harder.

A good keyword generating tool is the only way to ensure that you are one step ahead of your competition by finding profitable niche keywords.

Below is a simple sample if digging for keywords that have good monthly search volume and low competition. This is invaluable for checking on your competition!

I’ve taken the keyword phrase “Online Business Ideas in this example.

Below is the first run through of a good keyword search tool.

Keyword Search: Online Business Ideas

Keyword                                   Searches   Traffic  Competition  Article Power  PPC Power     Dig

online business ideas           10321          1755      View Result               8.8                       7.5                 Dig

online business idea                  228               39       View Result              7.4                      7.05               Dig

new business ideas                  6388         1086        View Result             8.8                       7.3                 Dig

online business                          5175            880         View Result           8.8                      7.25               Dig

online business                         1149           196           View Result         8.1                        7.05                Dig  opportunity

new online business ideas    125              22           View Result          7.6                        7.05                 Dig

small online business ideas 167              29           View Result          7.6                        7.05                 Dig

profitable online business   104             18             View Result          7.6                       7.05                  Dig

successful online business   86               15             View Result         7.6                        7.05                  Dig

good business ideas           1190            203              View Result         8.1                       7.05                  Dig

web business ideas                432             74                View Result       7.8                         7.05                  Dig

best business ideas            8152         1386               View Result       8.8                         7.3                     Dig

internet business ideas   3883            661                View Result      8.5                         7.1                      Dig

These keywords are only a small sample of the first run through as space is limited.
You will notice the headings across the top:The most important to notice:
Searches: The monthly search total for this phrase.

Traffic: The amount of traffic you are likely to receive using this phrase.

Competition: By clicking this link you will get a list of sites that are using this keyword phrase.

Dig: Most Important. By using this feature you can dig down to get more keywords.

And this digging can be done on all the keywords the tool bring up giving you an incredible amount of valuable information on which to base your decisions.

In the example below I have “Dug” into the first keyword phrase in the above example “online business ideas” and my digging has come up with another list to work with.

Keyword                                   Searches   Traffic  Competition  Article Power  PPC Power     Dig

best business ideas                     40                7           View Result               7.6                          7                  Dig

best business ideas women   96                9            View Result              7.6                         7.05            Dig

starting business ideas          185             92             View Result             6.8                         7.05             Dig

best business ideas for 2013 72             13              View Result            8                            7.05              Dig

it business ideas                       167              29              View Result            6.8                        7.05               Dig

best business ideas 2013       72              13             View Result             7.6                        7.05               Dig

best business ideas for           96             17              View Result              8                          7.05                Dig

best business ideas home  32                 6               View Result             7.6                        7                      Dig

great new business ideas   96              17               View Result             7.6                        7.05               Dig

best business ideas moms 32               6                 View Result            7.6                         7                     Dig

10 best business ideas       412            71                 View Result            8.6                        7.05                Dig

hottest business ideas         72             13                View Result            6.8                        7.05                 Dig

As you can see there are hundreds and hundreds of keyword ideas to choose from. Looking for good monthly traffic, low competition will certainly give you the edge over your competitors!

My recommendation is the only keyword tool I personally use in all my websites and campaigns. It’s free for the first thirty searches then there is a monthly membership fee of $19.

But if you are really serious about getting the best exposure for your site or campaign and finding the most profitable niche keywords then this keyword tool is second to none!

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